Why is My Washing Machine Leaking?

Wet floors are hazardous and even a small leak can cause floor damage and be annoying to clean up. Many washing machine leaks are common to all models and can be found by a novice. A close inspection of your washing machine can help you find the leak. If you cannot find the leak the problem is more likely internal, mechanical part failure, you will need our expertise to diagnosis and repair.

We suggest this 6-step diagnosis process:

  1. Turn the washing machine off and unplug it. This will prevent you from getting a shock while you are looking for the leak.
  2. Inspect the seal around the door of a front load machine. Leaks can manifest from cracks or holes in the seal.
  3. Examine the fill hoses and be sure they are secured properly, loose connections can leak. Hoses that are cracked, kinked or crushed can develop leaks. Many manufacturers suggest that fill hoses need to be replaced every five years.
  4. Look over the gasket or seal inside the hose, between the tap and hose, if you’ve completed step three and the tap is still leaking. If the seal is worn it may cause a leak.
  5. Check the strainer or valve screen inside the hose connection of the fill hose for clogs. Not all machines have strainers in their hoses.
  6. Inspect the drain hose for clogs, cracks or leaks and be sure it is attached to the drain facility correctly.

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