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A Brief History of Hotpoint Brand Washer & Dryers:

West LA Washer and Dryer Repair Service are experts in Hotpoint Laundry Appliance products. Hotpoint’s illustrious history began in 1911 where Hotpoint was formed in promising California. Since expanding the company to Britain in 1920, Hotpoint has been a trusted international brand of laundry appliances. Today Hotpoint continues to provide valuable product solutions and services that ensure exceptional performance.  The Hotpoint brand in North America is owned by General Electric

Hotpoint cares for the environment.  Year after year, Hotpoint makes choices that not only ensure strict compliance with environmental legislation but also aim to develop advanced technological solutions that make their products as eco-compatible as possible. Hotpoint has received an A+ in energy efficiency for the remarkable Eco Cycles and settings that ensure you are helping the environment when using our products.

West LA Washer and Dryer Repair‘s professional team are more than equipped to repair your Hotpoint washer and dryer. Whether your Hotpoint washer or dryer repair is for your home or office, our expert technicians will get the job done.

Hotpoint Washers

Your Hotpoint Washer is manufactured by General Electric. The Hotpoint brand has remained very popular for over one hundred years and is sold at all major appliance stores from Sears to Home Depot.  Hotpoint’s newest top load washer has many exceptional features including the FlexCare agitator which offers flexible fins that provide gentle, effective washing. FlexCare provides a variety of water temperature resulting in longer fabric life, along with multiple water levels allows the consumer to match the water level to each load of laundry.

Top Five Hotpoint Washer Service Calls:

1.  Hotpoint Washer has no hot or cold water.
2.  Hotpoint Washer is leaving clothes wet.
3.  Hotpoint Washer is not spinning.
4.  Hotpoint Washer is not agitating.
5.  Hotpoint Washer will not drain.

Hotpoint Dryers

West LA Washer and Dryer Repair Service technicians are very familiar with your Hotpoint Dryer. The Hotpoint Auto Dry monitors air temperature ending the cycling when clothes are dried.  The controls make the dryer easy to use, along with the three separate heat selections. West LA Service technicians understand Hotpoint’s unique cycles and functions to ensure that you continue to take great care of all of your fabrics.

Top Five Hotpoint Dryer Service Calls:

1.  Hotpoint Dryer will not heat.
2.  Hotpoint Dryer is taking too long to dry.
3.  Hotpoint Dryer is making a high-pitch noise.
4.  Hotpoint Dryer is not starting.
5.  Hotpoint Dryer is making a thumping noise.

Washer and Dryer Repair Service – Set up your Hotpoint Appliance Repair Appointment Today

When a washer and dryer breaks it can feel like the end of the world with dirty clothes piling up. West LA Washer and Dryer Repair Service makes on-site repairs, so there is no need to move the appliance; simply schedule an appointment, and an experienced, highly qualified repair technician will be at your door to fix your washing machine or dryer right in your laundry room.

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