General Electric

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A Brief History of General Electric Brand Washer & Dryers:

By 1890, Thomas Edison had brought together several of his business interests under one corporation to form Edison General ElectricWest Los Angeles Washer and Dryer Repair Service are experts in General Electric (GE) brand appliances.  General Electric manufactures a complete line of washers and dryer from the traditional top load washer to technologically advanced front load washing machine and dryers.  Whether your General Electric washer or dryer repair is  for your home or office, our expert technicians will get the job done.

General Electric Top Load Washing Machines

General Electric washing machines offer traditional, easy-to-use knobs which let you control all functions of the washer with just a turn, Meanwhile multiple cycles and settings are displayed with large easy-to-read graphics make washing each load to your exact specifications a snap. You can match the temperature to your fabrics, thanks to PerfecTemp™. Even during specialty cycles, this feature ensures the utmost care and control.

Select colder temperatures to save energy or warmer temperatures for those tough stains. This gives you master temperature control for each and every load. Plus, specialty cycles now have intuitive names to make it simple to choose the right one. User-friendly cycles like: Jeans; Towels & Sheets; or Whites tell you exactly which items they are designed to clean.

General Electric Front Load Washing Machines

Front load washing machines combine great cleaning results with water and energy savings. Using a reversing tumble wash action, a front load washer cleans clothing by gently lifting, then dropping the wash load back into the wash water solution. There is less friction on clothing, resulting in less wear on your fabrics. High-efficiency or “HE”-formulated detergent is recommended.

General Electric offer several color choices to complement any home décor and allow homeowners to add a touch of style to their laundry room.  No to mention, special cycles for the way you want to wash. Select a specific load type from an extensive list of specialty cycles and water temperatures, spin speeds, and wash programs are automatically adjusted to provide the correct care for that load type.

General Electric Washer Top Five Service Calls:

1.  General Electric Washer won’t drain.
2.  General Electric Washer won’t spin.
3.  General Electric Washer leaves clothes wet.
4.  General Electric Washer doesn’t have cold or hot water.
5.   General Electric Washer is making noise.

General Electric Dryers

For each washer, be sure to get a matching GE electric dryer or gas dryer. Features on the newest dryers help dry clothing quickly, yet gently, saving on fabric wear and tear. Faster dry cycles can save you time.  General Electric dryers offer the  Sensor Dry Plus system on the GE 7.0 cu. ft. Super Capacity Electric Dryer which continually monitors moisture levels to help keep your clothes looking their best.

The Speed Dry option dries items and small loads quickly, and the cycle countdown display and LED indicators make it easy to select a cycle and accurately determine cycle times. Quiet operation is assured by the Quiet-By-Design sound protection system.  The latest line of GE dryers offers the ultimate in laundry performance and convenience. With energy-efficiency and water-savings at the top of the list, GE has created large-capacity washer and dryer products that not only clean your clothes with a gentle touch, but also give you more space for big loads.

Top Five General Electric Dryer Service Calls:

1.  General Electric Dryer will not heat.
2.  General Electric Dryer is taking too long to dry.
3.  General Electric Dryer is making a high-pitch noise.
4.  General Electric Dryer is not starting.
5.  General Electric Dryer is making a thumping noise.

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