Noisy Dryer

Noisy Dryer

Los Angeles Washer & Dryer Service is expert at dryer repair. One of the most common calls we receive is for a noisy dryer. Each manufacture has it particular reasons but we like to provide you this general guide.
There are several reasons why a dryer may squeal and squeak when it is running. One of the most common causes is the idler pulley that places tension on the belt and the circular drum of the dryer bearing wear making that annoying squeal.

This is a list of the most common parts we replace:

  • Rollers
  • Idler pulley
  • Glides
  • Rear drum bearing
  • Blower wheel


Many dryers use rollers or wheels to support the clothes drum. When these rollers are worn, they can be noisy. You should replace the whole set of rollers at the same time.

Idler Pulley

Dryers have a tension or idler pulley that keeps tension on the main drive belt. When it’s worn, it can be noisy. When that happens, don’t lubricate it. Just replace it.


Many dryers use nylon or plastic glides at the front of the clothes drum for support. When these are worn, they can be noisy. When that happens, replace them.

Rear Drum Bearing

Some dryers support the clothes drum in the rear with a center spindle instead of rollers. The spindle may be a ball-and-socket type support or a shaft through a sleeve. When the components are worn, they may squeak, squeal, or rub. You can’t repair them. Just replace them when they’re worn.

Blower Wheel

Your dryer’s blower wheel pulls air over the heat source, through the clothes drum, and past the thermostats, then pushes it out the exhaust duct. The blower wheel, which is usually plastic, may wear out over time. But if it’s noisy, it may simply be clogged with lint. Clean the blower and test to see if the dryer is still noisy. If it is, you probably need to replace it.

Noisy dryers need your attention as soon as you become aware of the issue, in most cases parts will need replacement. Los Angeles Washer & Dryer Service is an expert at quickly diagnosing and repairing noisy dryers on site.

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