Gas Dryer Not Heating

There are many reasons for a gas dryer not heating.  We at West LA Washer and Dryer Repair Service have encountered instances of the dryer not drying, only to find out that the power outlet had failed.  Unlike an electric dryer, gas dryers have far less mechanical parts and use a lot less energy.  However, that doesn’t mean that they’re infallible.  West LA Washer and Dryer Repair Service recommends inspecting the lint screen of the dryer to make sure that it is properly cleaned, since excess lint can be the cause for a problem.  Aside from this problem, the most common sources of the problem of dead dryer comes from several areas:

  • Igniter and Thermal Fuse
  • Thermostat and Radiant flame sensor
  • Power Issues
  • Heating coils for gas valve
  • Overloading
  • Wrong Settings

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of these issues.

A Common Gas Dryer Igniter

Broken Igniter and/or Timer

A common cause for gas dryer not heating is a broken igniter.  When the igniter is not working properly, it will not ignite the heater.  Therefore, you aren’t going to get any heat going within the dryer unit to dry your clothes.  A broken timer could also cause the heater and the blower to stay inactive.

Defective Thermostat and Sensors

Another cause for a gas dryer not heating is a defective thermostat and/or thermal fuse. Defective sensors could also result in no or intermittent heating.  If these aren’t working then the unit will fail to dry clothes or in some cases be totally inoperable this depends on the manufacture.

No Connection to Power

You will need around 110 volts in a gas dryer in order to heat-dry clothes. Check to see if the appliance is plugged in and then check the wires and connections. The power cords could also be burnt out and this would require a service technician from West LA Washer and Dryer Repair Service visit to correct the problem.

Gas Valve Coils

Defective Gas Valve Coils

Another reason for a dryer not heating would be when there is a defect on the gas valve coils or in the electric igniter.  In most cases, the electric igniter heats up but does not ignite the gas.  Gas valve coils, which normally let the valve open and allow the gas to pass through, may need to be.

Overloaded Gas Dryer Not Heating

An overloaded dryer will often block the flow of the air through the drum, which will prevent the dryer from drying the load completely.  Avoid filling the dryer with excess clothes and make sure that the air can flow freely inside the drum.  Check your manual for the appropriate capacity for your dryer to avoid overloading.

Choosing the Wrong Drying Option

Most people mistakenly think that the reason for a gas dryer not heating properly is due to mechanical or electrical problems. However, sometimes the problem lies with the one operating the dryer. In many cases all you need to do is set the correct drying setting. Most gas dryers have the DRY setting, which will leave the unit on for a longer period of time.  Having the setting at NORMAL, which most people choose to use, will actually leave your clothes a bit damp. However, NORMAL is the right setting for delicate fabrics, which would otherwise be damaged if you choose a warmer setting.

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