Dryer Won’t Cycle

Dyer Diagram

Modern dryers offer an automatic dry time feature often for multiple fabric settings. When one is selected, the dryer automatically turns off when the clothes are dry. However, if your dryer won’t run these cycles or the drum spins yet clothes come out wet, you ought to find out why. In most cases, a failing component is preventing the dryer cycle from properly functioning.

Spins But Doesn’t Dry

Most dryers have either two fuses or a circuit breakers, depending on the electrical configuration of your model’s year. If the fuse or breaker that controls the heat element blows or trips, the dryer might spin although it won’t supply heat to the drum.

Please call us at Los Angeles Washer & Dryer Service and depending on the model we can provide a diagnosis and estimate.

Defective Thermostat

Inside dryer is a thermostat affixed to the drum. It’s usually a small round plastic device that assesses the drum’s air temperature. When you select “automatic dry,” the dryer relies on the thermostat to tell it how much heat to supply and when to shut off. However, if the thermostat breaks, the dryer has no way of knowing when to start and stop supplying heat. Clothes might spin yet remain wet, or the drum might spin and heat but to the extent that clothes are scorched. When the thermostat failures it needs to be replaced.

We at Los Angeles Appliance Repair are able to make a differential diagnosis between all the heating components of your dryer. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence we fix the dryer right the first time.

Burned out Heating Element

All dryer models have heating elements that heat air as it’s pushed into the drum. On a gas model, the coiled element receives energy from a gas flame which heats it. On an electric model, the energy comes from electricity that heats several coils, which radiate heat. When even one of the coils burns out, whether you own a gas or electric dryer, the heating element can’t produce enough heat needed to effectively dry clothes. Depending on how many coils have failed, the dryer might not reach a certain temperature sufficient to dry clothes at all.

Contact Los Angeles Washer & Dryer Service and one of our expert technicians will evaluate the dryer’s heating element. If even one coil is bad, the entire heating element must be substituted for a new one.

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